February 2, 2009

Fritz Hollings: In His Own Words

We're proud to announce the completion of “Fritz Hollings: In His Own Words,” a digitized collection of 200 items chosen from the Papers of Senator Ernest F. Hollings, representing his service to South Carolina as Lt. Governor, Governor, and U.S. Senator.

Speeches, letters-to-the-editor, newsletters, and newspaper and magazine articles are supplemented by 11 audio excerpts and numerous photographs of the Senator at press conferences, on the Senate floor, and in Senate committee meetings and hearings (like the one above of the Senator talking at a crowded Senate Finance Committee hearing, July 17, 1985).

Through these items, those unfamiliar with Hollings’ career and accomplishments can discover his intellect, unflinching honesty, and sense of humor – qualities that often captivated his colleagues, the press, and his constituents…whether they agreed with him or not.

Visitors may search through the material in a number of ways. They may do a keyword search of all the items OR pull up a list of all items from a specific decade OR pull up all documents of a certain type (like articles or letters or audio excerpts). They can also visit a page with over 200 subject terms. You want to know if any of the 200 items talks about NOAA or footwear or Voodoo Economics? Well, the subjects page will tell you.

To view these items, visit: http://sc.edu/library/digital/collections/hollings.html.

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