June 15, 2009

Good-bye Allison!

Every so often, SCPC says good-bye to a wonderful student assistant and coworker. After two years, we're doing just that with Allison Hughes. Here, Allison posed good-naturedly for yet another photo on her last day of work. She's standing by her workspace with her giant card from all of us that chronicled her time at SCPC.

Allison joined us in August, 2007, as a graduate assistant, helping me to finish up the Ernest F. Hollings Papers. I gave her primary responsibility for processing two large series within the Papers. She took on that responsibility and excelled. Here, Allison is with (L-R) Senator Hollings, Lori, Dorothy, and Herb at the 2008 Thomas Cooper Library booksigning for Hollings' book, Making Government Work. Allison helped out at many events such as this in her two years at SCPC.

When she graduated from SLIS last December, she joined our professional staff! We knew it would be temporary but were glad to have her on board. She contributed a lot in five short months, working on several collections including the papers of both Donald Holland and C. Bruce Littlejohn and the records of the Republican Party of South Carolina. Here, at her desk on her last day, she is finishing up her work with the Republican Party records (and putting up with all the picture taking quite well). Her desk was next to the copier and the stacks, and she often had to move when we had to move around the ladder!

Allison's last day with SCPC was earlier this month. Today, she starts a full-time archives processing position in Atlanta. We wish her the best! We have been lucky at SCPC to have a number of excellent student assistants. Allison joins that group. We will all miss Allison and her contributions around here quite a lot.

Thanks, Allison!

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