January 8, 2010

Out in the Cold; No Fire for Warmth

This morning around 10 a.m. the subtle and reassuring fire alarm blared garishly through the old warehouse, gently warning us that we needed to hasten out to the parking lot. Of course, this week Columbia is experiencing some of its coldest weather so far this winter, and the temperature in the parking lot was maybe 35 at the time, punctuated by a lovely whipping wind. Here you can see Gabby, Lori, and Kate bundled up against the elements...

In a few minutes, the Campus Police arrived to start searching the building for any actual cause for the alarm to blare so insistently. As we waited, a small squad from the Fire Department arrived in a baby fire truck. We figured they saw the alarm was coming from 720 College Street and said, "Oh, it's them again. The Pearle Building always sends out false alarms. Break out the baby engine..."

Don't get us wrong, we greatly appreciate the Campus Police and the Columbia Fire Department. It was just kind of humorous to see the little stubby engine arrive. Eventually, we got the all-clear; no fire today, thank you. And it took no time at all for the denizens of SCPC to trample back inside to the relative warmth of our dear old drafty warehouse. Ah. Good times.

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Lori S. said...

Ah, poor Columbia firefighters and USC cops. They must heavily dislike the Pearle warehouse! Nice to know the alarm works, though.