May 21, 2010

Goodbye, College Street!

Well, looks like the move is complete...sort of. All our collections and office material have been transferred to the Hollings Library, but the certificate of occupancy is still caught up in some red tape. We should be able to do some unpacking in the interim, however.

The warehouse: Awaiting the movers...

As I type, the fantastic library moving guys are waiting for their last truck to arrive to pick up the last of their gear; then they'll be off and away, too.

The warehouse: Debbie through the shelving after the movers finished...

The old warehouse is looking a bit sad. We are leaving our buddies Tim and Don alone here as the microfilming department will be the only active office at the College Street location. There's still storage for the University's records management material and McKissick Museum, but SCPC's shelves are now empty.

We'll be posting pictures of our new digs as we unpack and do some settling in. We think you'll be amazed at the stark difference in the locations. And, oh, how we're looking forward to WINDOWS!


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