May 14, 2010

Memories of Politics Past

This week,Statehouse Report asked, "First, who are the four leaders in this photo? Second, what's remarkable about two of the people in the photo?"

And the answer is...

Pictured here are four legendary figures in South Carolina politics: from left to right, James F. Byrnes, Strom Thurmond, John C. West, and Edgar Brown. Byrnes and Thurmond both served as governor and U.S. Senator; West as lieutenant governor and governor; and Brown as President Pro Tempore of the S.C. Senate for thirty years.

In 1997, Gov. West wrote of this photograph: “This picture was taken at the Carolina Cup race (1964). It is the first time Strom Thurmond and Edgar Brown had a picture together since Thurmond defeated Brown in the 1954 senatorial election as a write-in candidate. Of significance also is the appearance of former Gov. Byrnes, who supported Strom in 1954 despite his friendship with Edgar — including serving as best man in Edgar’s wedding.”

To find out more about John West, check out his collection or contact us.

Photo and caption originally appeared in the May 14, 2010 issue of Statehouse Report.

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